You’re Losing Money by Not Using Cooling Pillows

Youre Losing Money by Not Using Cooling Pillows

Do you sleep well during the hot weather? Many people don’t. Trying to get sleep while sweating may cause broken sleep, which is not good. There are several ways on how to get sleep in a hot weather like using a fan, using an air conditioner, placing ice in front of a fan, or even putting your pillow in the freezer before sleeping. Cooling pillows in the freezer isn’t ideal for some people, and using air conditioners may greatly affect your electricity bill. So what will you do in order to get enough and comfortable sleep in a hot weather without spending too much money? Aside from doing tricks to sleep in the heat, there’s something else that you can do.

Pillow manufacturers are continuously working to produce innovative products that can help alleviate excessive sweating while people sleep. They have developed high tech pillows that promote cool and peaceful sleep and they are called cooling pillows. These pillows are made of breathable materials and contain water or gel that cools down the skin.


Cooling Pillow Benefits

Aside from helping you get comfortable sleep, cooling pillows have other incredible benefits. Here they are:

Helps in falling asleep quickly

During a hot weather, most people could not fall asleep quickly. Trying to find a cool spot to rest your head could be annoying and tiring. By using a cooling pillow, you will have a cool surface to rest your head. It allows you to sleep quickly and stay sleep for hours.

Helps in getting rid of insomnia caused by night sweats

Are you an insomniac? No problem! You may now avoid the torture of not being able to sleep at night by using a cooling pillow. Night sweats are one of the factors that create insomnia problems. Since cooling pillows helps in getting rid of night sweating, they can help in stopping insomnia caused by it.

Helps in keeping you younger

Not having enough sleep causes premature aging. There is already a study that links sleep deprivation to skin aging. Cooling pillows promote long and comfortable sleep, so they also help people look younger.

Helps in improving mental health

Studies have shown that aside from causing skin aging, lack of sleep impacts cognitive and memory performance. Broken sleep and lack of rest contribute in damaging mental health. This means that having 8 hours of sleep each night is one of the best ways to maintain good mental health. You can easily get enough sleep by using a cooling pillow.

Helps in preventing metabolic diseases

Not having quality sleep also causes metabolic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and stroke. This means that people who only get a few hours of sleep each day are at risk of these diseases. Don’t worry, you can get rid of these diseases by using a cooling pillow.


Cooling Pillow Types

There are several types of cooling pillows sold in the market: breathable, gel memory foam, water, and combination cooling pillows.

Breathable cooling pillows allow the air to flow easily throughout the filling. They allow evaporation and keep the surface cool.

Gel memory foam pillows contain a gel layer that allows heat to be circulated and absorbed. Air naturally cools the gel and keep the pillow from getting hot.

Water pillows contain a shield protected layer of water. The shield allows the water to cool down the pillow by keeping body heat away. Some water pillows have gel that adds a cooling effect.

Some manufacturers combine different cooling technology types to make a pillow that keeps the head cool and it is called combination cooling pillow.


A cooling pillow is perfect for everyone because everyone deserves to have the most comfortable sleep ever. So if you are one of the sleepless bunch, it is a life changing item for you. It is also a perfect gift for someone special like a family member, a friend, or your better half.

Not sure which cool pillow to get? Check out this extensive list of the best cooling pillows for 2017. When it comes to looking for your ultimate cooling pillow, you should not just check the brand. It is also good to consider the following factors: size, material, features, and price.

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