The Top 5 Reasons to Make a US Investment

They say that your home is the biggest purchase you’ll ever make. Fortunately, while investing may be a major decision, it’s often one that pays out in significant ways in the long-run, and can help the buyer turn a profit over time. In the United States in particular, real estate has long been heralded as a pillar of the American Dream, a way for hard-working individuals to make the most out of their money and buy something that can be passed down to their offspring, growing future generations’ wealth in the process. In the United States, virtually no investment trumps real estate in terms of ultimate ROI and security. Here’s why U.S. residents and foreign nationals alike should consider buying a property in the States:


The markets are growing: Cities throughout the United States are experiencing unprecedented booms in job growth and real estate development at the moment, and smart investors will capitalize on that. In Miami, buildings like Brickell Flatiron, located right in one of the city’s busiest financial districts, is proving a hub for the financially prudent. In Manhattan, the plush amenities of buildings like The Chatsworth are showing those who always thought they’d be renters a more comfortable alternative, with extras ranging from a private lounge to a children’s playroom. And in San Francisco, one of the most notoriously cutthroat rental markets in the country, luxury development 815 Tennessee is offering an alternative to dealing with buildings that have seen better days and yearly rent increases that drive the city’s workers further and further from its most desirable neighborhoods.
It’s a safe investment: While the stock market is notoriously volatile, the housing market has steadied significantly since the crash of ’08. Fortunately, that means that, particularly in major U.S. cities, housing prices are going up and staying up, leaving many investors in an advantageous financial position in a short amount of time.


It provides you peace of mind: Being invested in something that’s not only conservative, but tangible, like a piece of property, can provide you serious piece of mind, even if the markets take a turn again. Having a piece of property leaves you plenty of options, whether you sell, flip, or make it your home, all of which will leave you with more money in your pocket than you started out with.


It can be used as a source of income: Even if you don’t want to live in the property you buy, renting it out can provide you an income stream for years to come. When you’re ready to either sell the property or live in it, you’ll find yourself with either a paid-off asset or a source of quick cash.


It’s a great gift for your kids: While kids often blow through cash inheritances, investing in a piece of U.S. property for them can mean a secure future for them and their offspring. Providing them a place to live, or an asset to sell, if need be, means that they can enjoy financial security long after you’re gone.
Getting yourself on the property ladder is one of the best choices you’ll ever make, and the U.S. is undeniably the best place to do so. Whether you’re setting up shop in Miami or Manhattan, investing in U.S. real estate will help you create financial security that will last you well into your golden years.

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