Staying Safe Online With Your Credit Card

man-credit-card-laptopRecent advancements in technology has not only paved the way for some breakthrough innovations in various fields, but also resulted in the increase of online frauds. Today, we see a lot of credit card scams happening online, looting customers of their hard earned money. So how do you keep your credit cards safe while doing online transactions? Here are some tips that can help you stay safe.

Use secured websites

You must ensure that you use your cards only on secured websites. You can identify if a website is secured or not from its name. If a website starts with https: rather than http: it is a secured website. On these sites, your personal information and credit card details are maintained with ultimate confidentiality. Also when you find websites asking more information than what is necessary, it should ring an alarm bell in your mind and you should come out of the website immediately.

Use strong passwords

When you protect your credit cards with passwords, ensure that they are strong enough. Using weak or obvious passwords make your card information susceptible to hacking by miscreants. Use a combination of numerals, letters and special characters as your password, thus making it difficult for guessing. This way, even if hackers get to access your cards, they will not able to use them, as they would find it impossible to hack your passwords.

Always log out, don’t close

When you have finished your online credit card transactions, always remember to log out of the website. This is very important especially if you are using public computers at places like airports, railway stations, coffee shops etc. Never close the website directly. If you do so, the person who next uses the system can easily hack your details through a special program which translates your keystrokes for him. When you log out, it becomes difficult to record your transaction.

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