How to Stage Your Apartment to Entice Buyers


Creating an aesthetic that embodies your personal style isn’t always easy, but living in a home that you love coming back to day after day is well worth the effort. However, when it comes time to move on from your beloved home, your décor might not speak to future buyers. Rather than show a completely bare home with little more than floors, walls, and ceilings for potential buyers to imagine their possessions in, picking the right furniture and accessories to stage with can make a major difference. Staging a home tastefully can be the deciding factor when it comes to finding someone who’s eager to pay your asking price — or more. Just follow these easy staging tips and you’ll have a buyer before you know it:

Go for neutral colors on the walls: Those vibrant colors on your walls may make you feel right at home, but potential buyers may have a difficult time imagining how their own belongings will fit in with those magentas, turquoises, and baby blues you’ve brushed onto your walls. If you’re short on time and want to make your home more appealing, do a quick paint job in white or off-white; this will make It easier for your home’s future residents to think of the place as a blank slate.

Cut out any and all clutter: If you and your significant other fight about you leaving your dirty socks in the living room, you can bet that your buyers aren’t going to love seeing them, either. To stage your home, you’re going to need to get creative with your storage so that there’s a place for everything and everything is in its place. Under-bed storage, some tasteful opaque baskets or jars for the bathroom to store your odds and ends, or even a storage bench in your entryway to hide those extra scarves and coats can help your place look put together.

Let the light in: You may not normally keep the curtains open all day, but if you want to attract a buyer, you’re going to have to let the light in first. A dark home can look depressing or even dirty, but a sunlit one is unlikely to draw many complaints. Even if your home doesn’t get a ton of light naturally, a few natural light-mimicking lamps can help entice buyers.

Stick to a single color palette: Those bright sequin pillows or that hot pink throw rug from your college dorm room may conjure fond memories, but those bright pops of color might make your home difficult to sell. Keeping a cohesive color palette throughout your home, prioritizing neutral colors with the occasional hint of a rich red or deep blue, will make your space look luxe and like the perfect home for a future owner.

Make your bathroom and kitchen shine: They say kitchens and baths sell homes, and it’s true. Unfortunately, dirty kitchens or bathrooms can be a deal breaker for many buyers, too. Staging your home means keeping those spaces exceptionally clean, including washing windows, redoing grout, or even swapping out dated cabinets, if you have the budget.

No matter what your home looks like at the moment, whether it’s a full-blown bachelor pad or has such minimalist décor you might assume it was uninhabited, the right staging can turn your home into the envy of all of your neighbors; even better, it can make sure your home finds the right buyer in no time.


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