Saving The Pennies With a Portable Heater

electric heater

Using an electric heater has a few great benefits over other ways of heating your home and as we always do, we do our best to give you money saving tips, so read on to discover more about electric heaters and why they just make sense!

Ease Of Use

Suited to any room, other than bathrooms,for obvious reasons, they are great at pumping heat to areas that have been extended, but where its far too expensive or just not possible to extend your central heating.

Energy saving

There’s no point in heating your entire house if you just need to heat the one room!

Safe & reliable

Electric Heaters are a lot safer than a gas heater, no fumes or canister changes are necessary which makes life so easy.

Supplementary heating

It’s ideal if you need extra heat for a new born baby or an old relative.

No installation

You plug them in – that’s it. No confusing manuals, no hoops to jump through, you just plug your best electric heater in and you’re good to go!


You can hide them away in the summer, move them from room to room in the winter, the portability is fantastic. Too hot? Move it away.. Too cold? Cuddle it!

Environmentally friendly

Most models are designed as traditional oil filled radiators, but are oil free so you don’t have to worry about the oil when it needs replacing.


The latest technology! Oil free radiators, self righting fans and designer styles. With loads of choice, colours and finishes, today’s heaters can almost be used as fashion items!

If you’re interested in learning more about electric heaters, we found this awesome article.. So thank you to the guys over at the best reviewer for the awesome list of the best electric heaters on the market today!

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