Repairing and Building Your Credit


It’s a familiar tale. One department store card leads to a credit card; the credit card leads to a personal loan, and before you know it, you’re a few grand in the hole – £8,000 for the average Brit. After many years of working hard, you get yourself up and out of it – or at least at a point where your payments are not even worth considering and you can live without the burden.

You’ve saved up all of your money diligently. But then, many years later, you come to buy that house, or that car. And your credit score means you are declined. Why? How? And crucially, what can you do to prevent this from happening? This article will shed some light on how to tackle and repair your credit score.

Investigating and Repairing

The first step on any credit repair journey is to find out exactly where you are. Credit scores can be a convoluted process, and after years of payments, you may be left with numbers and lines you might not recognise. This isn’t an uncommon problem, and Credit Repair Companies ( have explained how the credit repair process can be managed affordably and professionally. Investigating and repairing your record is a worthwhile venture as its estimated many credit agencies have made errors.


Rebuilding your credit from the depths of where you are involves one step that might seem counter-intuitive. That’s right, taking out more credit. Your score will be improved from your repayments and lower reliance on credit cards, as demonstrated by your utilisation rate. However, to rebuild your score you will need to once again secure credit and show that you’re able to be trusted with it.

One way to efficiently raise your credit score in this manner is to use a credit builder score. Get a card, and use it as your regular account – just pay off every last penny before the due date to prevent interest being accrued.


Crucially, once you’re back up in the high numbers, you can stay there by never missing a payment, making sure you pay off as much as possible, and staying away from too many credit applications. You can do this using money management smartphone apps.

Bad credit scores can seem like a huge dent in your future ambitions – but it doesn’t have to be that way. Through repairing and then rebuilding your score, you can produce the record that reflects your improved borrowing behaviour and get the benefits you deserve.


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