The Real Cost Of Owning A Designer Dog

The Real Cost Of Owning A Designer Dog

Cockapoos are incredibly popular right now and a lot of their popularity is down to their cute and cuddly looks and their long and soft coat.  However, when you have a dog with a fuller coat, like a cockapoo, more maintenance and grooming is required.  Before you invest in a cockapoo then, you need to give proper consideration to the real cost of owning this type of dog in terms of grooming and care.

When Do You Start Grooming?

Grooming is best started when a cockapoo is still a puppy, sometime after they have vaccinations and when you are ready to take it outside.  If you have friends or associates with dogs, they may be able to recommend a groomer to you.  To help your dog become familiar with the groomer him or herself and the process, many will often offer introductions.  Before you have a cockapoo fully groomed though, it is a good idea to have their hair trimmed at the front of their eyes their nails clipped, bathed and brushed.  As full grooming sessions are generally offered for dogs between 5 to 6 months old, so there are many chances to familiarise themselves with the groomer and their salon.

Along with the grooming at a salon, you do need to put the effort in at home.

Tools Needed For Grooming At Home

To brush your dog you need to use a firm or medium slicker brush and a comb.  Ask your groomer or at the pet store, for a specific make.  You also need to invest in a conditioning spray for getting the tangles out of the long coat.  To keep your dog on the table you are going to groom him or her, you need to pay for a non-slip mat as this will help the dog to feel secure and avoid you injuring your back.

The professional grooming costs of a cockapoo can range from £35 to £50, so if your budget does not allow it, you will have to learn how to do it yourself.  If you do not feel confident about this, it could be that a cockapoo is not the right breed for you after all.

Tips For Grooming At Home

If you do decide to groom your dog at home and purchase the brush and comb listed above, you will need to know how best to actually do it.  You should choose a side and start grooming from the bottom of the back leg on that side.  Gently lift the coat, giving you a section of fur to work on properly.  Use the slicker brush and be cautious not to brush the same section of hair too long because it could cause discomfort and pain.  You can then use a comb to make sure there are no tangles or knots that could have been missed by the slicker brush.

Work in a methodical fashion until you have groomed the whole coat, paying attention to areas commonly missed including behind the ears, under their front legs and their inner thighs.  You can also teach your dog to feel comfortable with their feet being touched and held, by lifting their paws, touching them and cleaning their ears.  It means when you do go to a groomer, they will be able to trim their pad hairs and clip their toenails.

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