Are You Ready For the Upcoming eCommerce Season?


According to statistics, holiday months drive 30% more eCommerce revenue than non-holiday months, and days from Black Friday through Christmas alone can pull in between 50 and 100% more revenue in comparison to shopping days.

Still, in order to cope the upcoming season and yield the best results, you’ll have to start with preparations right now! For serious eCommerce players, summer is almost as busy as the winter months, so let’s see what they go through to ensure their online store achieves success.

Secure the website

One notorious trend holiday season is famous for revolves around data breaches – and under no circumstances should you wait until the very last moment to take the necessary security measures. Namely, just one hour of downtime caused by a cyberattack could result in almost $500,000 loss.

For this reason, it is essential that you do a security audit to ensure your e-transactions and network access points are secure. Use SSL authentication so that all the information is encrypted before the transmission. Green address bar will also boost loyalty with your customers, ultimately affecting sales and revenue. In the end, you might want to run a possible cyberattack scenario, that is, to come up with all possible scenarios and make sure you are ready to handle any one of them.

Prepare your email marketing list

As soon as you announce the first special offer, you should have a clearly-segmented email marketing list. You’ll have to go over the email campaign reports from the last six months and select people who have been opening your emails during that time. This way you will get a list of only those who are interested in purchasing your products, without wasting time and money on sending personalized emails to inactive users.

Get your warehouse ready

Spikes in eCommerce sales bring unique challenges to your warehouse, as well. Whether you’re managing your own facility or collaborating with a reliable provider of a warehouse storage in Sydney, sales forecast and communication are the basis of an efficient supply chain. During the peak season, you might need to make temporary configurations to ensure the storage space is more efficient.

Pay attention to special deals and promotions to ensure you have an easy access to SKUs you need when the promotions are active. Also, make sure you have an efficient receiving process. You need to establish strong communication with your product manufacturers and vendors to make sure you know exactly which products are arriving at what time. You’ll need to be informed about the product mix, their types, dimensions, weight and the exact quantity, as well as special storage requirements (for instance, whether a particular product is climate-controlled).

Develop apps for iOS and Android

Having a dedicated app will allow you to send push notifications to your customers at a specific time. In fact, statistics show that consumers spend 90% of their mobile time in apps, so why not steal a few moments of their day for yourself? The fact is, eCommerce is now primarily mCommerce, and smartphones have already become a predominant platform for consumers world-wide. Their choice of a reliable retailer, more often than not, depends on the experience their apps and website provide.

Ensure the design is simple and uncluttered, while keeping your products front and center alongside only a few relevant action buttons. Always go for a design that is already familiar to your users – they’ve opted for online experience to get their shopping done faster and stress-free, you cannot expect them to spend hours figuring out how your state-of-the-art app works.

Though it seems holiday shopping season is light years away, it’s never too early for online retailers to start the preparation process. Still haven’t started? We bet your competitors already have, meaning – you’re already late!

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