The Perth Mint Coins: A Coin Collector’s Haven



Perth Mint Coins

Coin collecting is a rewarding and fun way of interacting with the world’s history. Each collector develops their coin collection in a unique way – some going for simple coins of places they have visited while others look for rare editions of coins. No matter how you collect coins, there is always a significant history attached to it. Knowing where to look and how to get authentic coins can get difficult but the Perth Mint coins are one of the most reliable and favourite source for coin collectors all over the world with their wide and diverse collection of modern and historic pieces.

History of Perth Mint Coins

In Perth, gold sovereigns were the very first coins ever made. Afterwards, above 100 million coins were made between 1899 and 1931 which featured the ‘P’ distinctive mintmark of Perth Mint Coins. It is rather challenging for even an experienced coin collector to complete all full sets, which makes it intriguing for them.

The pre-decimal coins produced in Perth included half pennies, pennies and silver shillings but decimalisation was introduced in 1966 by the Perth Mint with numbers ranging from 1 cents to 2 cents. Until 1992, these coins were in circulation. Australian Government in 1980s gave The Perth Mint the authority to develop the official program for precious metal coins of the nation.

Under this agreement, the well-known Australian Nugget was the first coin to be developed. Aside from the bullion unpackaged quality offered to investors, a limited addition of striking quality versions of Perth Mint coins were also launched for coin collectors.  The second coins series launched was the silver Australian Kookaburra which soon became one of the extensive collectable coin range in the world.

Variety of Perth Mint Coins

Perth Mint is known to release amazing coin collector editions each and every month! Coin collectors around the world love the challenge of keeping up and getting their hands on all the mintages and metals, different sizes, innovations, themes, near sell outs, sell outs and limited pieces of Perth Mint coins.

Each month the coin collectors wait for the launch of an exciting new range of collectables. The coins range from gold coins, silver coins, historic collectables like World War I coin series, festive coins like Chinese new year coins or special events collectables like graduation coins and so much more.

The Latest Collection

The latest collectable Perth Mint coins launched this year are the exclusive licensed Warner Bros. coins. The aim of these collectable coins is to celebrate the most loved iconic animated characters, including the ones from the Looney Tunes.  The first release features the comical loved canine friend, Scooby Doo. The Perth Mint has launched a limited 5,000 coins globally making it a great collectable for your coin collection.

The other themes and designs of Perth Mint coins planned to be launched include Always Together collectables for the upcoming Valentine’s Day, Newborn series for celebrating new additions in your family, Birthday series, Graduation coins, as well as the Opal Lunar release that celebrates the Chinese year of dog.

Perth Mint coins are indeed one of the favourite among coin collectors worldwide. The Perth Mint is the most innovative and largest enterprise of precious metals in Australia with the aim of providing high quality platinum, silver and gold products to customers, especially coin collectors.

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