How Much Do Dental Veneers Cost and Do You Need Them?


To get the answer to the question we need to talk about what veneers are, and why people wear them. Also, we need to explain the different types of veneer, as there are three main versions to choose from. Do you need veneers on your teeth? People who choose to wear veneers – which are essentially a very thin shell that cover your teeth or tooth either when you want or permanently – usually do so as they have damaged teeth, and we recommend you talk to your dentist about dental veneers in detail, as he or she will be able to advise you correctly. We will also try to answer the question of how much do veneers cost which can vary by type.

Clip On Veneers

Clip on veneers are a non-permanent option. These are plastic and are individually made to clip over the damaged tooth. They are also known as ‘secret’ veneers, but it can be difficult to get the shape right with this type of example. There are many tales of people going for a very cheap deal, and coming out with horrible veneers!

The price for this sort of veneers is around £250, but there are inherent problems: they can, by their very nature, damage your gums, and they may also harbour bacteria and encourage plaque if not kept clean correctly. Nevertheless, they are very popular, but we recommend you talk to your dentist about the options.

Composite Veneers

These are also known as ‘immediate’ veneers as you can turn up at the dentist for the procedure, and go home with a new look. They are preferred for dealing with chipped or broken teeth – and also with crooked or pitted teeth – and are applied by use of a thin layer of resin that is directly applied to the teeth. This method carries none of the health problems of the above.

Composite veneers may require removal of some of the tooth structure should it be needed, or can be a simple application of the resin to – for example – a pitted or damaged tooth, so it is difficult to give a price. Start with a simple procedure to fill in a hole on one tooth, and you are looking at around £100.

Porcelain Veneers

By far the best type of veneer – and the one your dentists is most likely to advise if you need to go down this route – are porcelain veneers. They look natural and are a permanent fixture as they are bonded to the teeth, so there is no risk of damage as with clip-on veneers. They are actually made of porcelain and are designed to last around 10 years – longer than the composite option – and are stain-resistant and can be coloured how you wish.

If you are looking at having porcelain veneers fitted, expect a quote of around £500 per tooth for this procedure, but we will say it is easily the most effective method.

If you think dental veneers would benefit you, contact your dentist for a consultation and get the right professional advice.


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