Karatgold Coin: A Hybrid of Gold and Cryptocurrency




A Hybrid of Gold and Cryptocurrency

What is a Karatgold Coin and what benefits do you get when you invest in this digital currency? Karatgold Coins is a digital currency based on a blockchain. In the introductory phase, you can purchase tokens in the public direct sale and then trade on the usual cryptomarkets after the ICO has ended. Simultaneously, you are investing in gold, as each coin reflects a certain gold weight. They combine the flexibility of digital currencies with the security you imagine when investing in physical gold. As a completely new and optimal alternative to the two individual investments, the Karatgold Coin is a pioneering solution.

What distinguishes Karatgold Coin and what benefits it entails

When you invest in physical gold, you will need a lockable, secured safe or a safe deposit box. If you concentrate on the cryptocurrency Ethereum, you are primarily active as a speculator and trade on cryptoexchanges. The Karatgold Coin combines the advantages of both forms of investment and is a concept that enables you to acquire a good purchase price in the present and flexibility as well as a safe yield in the future. With a new digital currency, there are naturally some questions:

  • Can you pay with Karatgold Coin or exchange the currency for gold, money or commodities?
  • How definite is the price increase and the digital currency itself?
  • What gold value do Karatgold Coins reflect?
  • What is the purpose of the connection between gold and cryptocurrency?
  • When is the currency used as a means of payment and is it possible to pay worldwide?
  • Are fees involved in the transfer of a Karatgold Coin, or is it limited?

Questions upon questions, to which you will receive answers. The fact is that with this investment, you combine the advantages of both investment possibilities, resulting in both a virtual and a tangible benefit from your decision:

  • With Karatgold Coin, you can pay after conversion to Cashgold or exchange the coin for physical gold.
  • The price increase is assured, as can be seen in the value stability of gold and increasing crypto rates.
  • The gold value is based on the amount of coins you add to your investment portfolio.
  • The combination of gold and cryptocurrency gives you more security than a pure Ethereum investment.
  • Before long, you will be able to pay with Karatgold Coins.
  • Worldwide transfers and conveyances are generally free of charge and not subject to limits.

Investments without dependence on banks or risks due to geopolitical influences

We live in an uncertain times in which traditional and innovative values are of vital importance. Interest is no longer accruing on your savings balance, and the stock markets are so volatile that you have little security when investing in equities. The search for alternatives directs the focus automatically to gold or alternatively to increasingly popular cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum. When you choose Karatgold Coin, you invest in gold as well as in a cryptocurrency and no longer have to ponder which investment suits you best. In contrast to conventional cryptocurrencies, you will not only be speculating with this invvestment, but you will also be able to pay for actual goods and effect transfers at a steadily increasing number of acceptance points. There are no fees involved, and the transfer or conversion to gold and cash is easy.

Karatgold Coin

The Karatgold is collaterizing 10,000 tokens with 0.1g in the ICO phase. The goal is to achieve a coin value of 0.1g through an annual 20% profit distribution of the Karatgold Singapore and its subsidiary Karatpay. To achieve this, both the profits from the worldwide revenue of gold transaction fees from the subsidiary Karatpay, as well as from the worldwide sale of Cashgold, are incorporated. The 20% profit distribution will be immediately exchanged for gold and the coins thus upgraded.

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