How To Choose Your Bank


With every passing day, there are newer banks opening at every street, making it difficult for people who are looking to open an account with a bank for the first time. If you are one of these people, you are definitely spoilt for choice as there are lots of nationalised and private players in the banking sector today, offering you lots of products and services. It is easy to get carried away by these offers; however you should remember that these are fringe benefits. You have to choose a bank for its banking function, per se, and not for any other fancy services. Here are some tips that will help you in this decision making.


It is always better to choose a bank which is quite close to your residence. It is alright if this bank not huge or very well-known. You will need to visit banks on a regular basis for depositing cheques, withdrawing money and other reasons. Comfort should be your first priority, always.

Terms regarding balance

Choose banks that allow you to main zero balance accounts with them. This way, you need not lock in any amount in the banks as part of minimum balance. Ask for special features on accounts for ladies, senior citizens, kids’ saving and the like.

Banking hours

While most of the banks operate from Monday to Saturday, a few are operational on Sundays as well. Also some have extended banking hours allowing customers to perform banking transactions even after normal banking hours. Choose banks based on their hours and days of operation. This will ensure that you can count on your banks during crisis situations.

Comparative analysis

If you want to choose a good bank, you should compare many banks, analyse their products and rate of interest. This will give you a fair idea on where these banks stand in terms of ATM charges, debit card charges etc.

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