Financial Planning: Advice You Should Be Aware Of

If there is one area of our lives that we don’t like to think about it’s that of finance! All too often we simply put the future to one side and carry on as we are, with little consideration as to how things may turn out later in life. This is why financial planning is very important, and it pays to engage a professional to have a close look at your financial situation and help you plan for the future.

The problem is finding financial advice that you can trust. We’ve all read the scandalous stories about the mis-selling of PPI, and many other financial nightmares that have given finance advisers a bad name, but they can’t all be like that, surely? In fact, you’ll find that financial advisers are closely regulated, professional and very helpful. So, where do you find the right one?

Choose Independent

Our main advice is to ensure that you engage the services of an independent financial adviser with a good reputation. This will mean that they are not tied to a limited range of products and services they can offer you, as those advisers who are allied with banks and other financial institutions will be. A financial adviser will help you get the right solution for your requirements, and one that has a good reputation and a wide range of services is Woodruff Financial Planning, who are in Colchester in Essex.

As with all such service providers, they will start by having a chat with you about your present situation, your aims for the future and why you are looking for financial planning advice at this time. You may have come into an inheritance, for example, or looking for advice on business finance. You could be about to retire and need help planning for that, or be a high income earner and want advice on how best to invest or handle your assets.

Each situation – and there are many more to consider – needs a different approach, and an independent adviser such as Woodruff Financial Planning will be able to guide you through all the options, and find you the one that is best for your individual situation.

Reach Your Goals

If you have certain targets you want to meet, then talk to an independent financial adviser about these, and they will be able to help you with relevant investments. You will find that they are diligent in where they invest your money, and will give you full details on past performance too, so you know how they have done previously.

Being able to relax and know that your inheritance or other money is being handled by a professional is a great weight off your mind. You can also talk to a professional adviser at Woodruff about the possibility of illness or injury affecting your ability to earn, an often-overlooked but very important part of financial planning.

If you wan to know more, give Woodruff Financial Planning a call right now, and you’ll find one of the team can answer any questions you may have, and arrange a consultation.

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