The Best and Most Over-the-Top Home Amenities in the US


Living in a condo means that you not only want a beautiful and well-designed home in the best location of your favorite city but you also require some of the best amenities in the world to make your life easier. And who could blame you? You work hard, so why not make things less stressful for you and your family?

Many condo buildings have the requisite perks: doormen, a gym, outdoor space, but only the best ones have over-the-top amenities that will have you asking how you lived without them before. 

Let’s take a look at some of these bonus features you’ll find in only the best apartments around the country. 

In San Francisco at 181 Fremont Street, the building soars high above the city offering world-class vistas. But what really elevates this luxury building is the service. There’s no doorkeeper who doesn’t know your name here. Nope. The concierge of 181 Fremont Street not only knows your name but knows the restaurants you like, the theater you like to see, and where you want to travel—and with their insider status, they can book, order, and plan whatever your heart desires. 

The heat of Miami might lead one to think that the most sought-after amenity in a home there is air conditioning. While that’s not incorrect, the most fabulous extravagance a building can have is a place to dock your boatUna Residences’s private Marina is just that. Residents there can be from the marble-clad bathroom to open water in just minutes.

Walking along the High Line in New York City, you’ll find one fantastic piece of architecture that will stop you in your tracks (much to the chagrin of those behind you). 520West28 is that metallic Zahid-designed showstopper. But inside is a real show-starter—literally. In this gorgeous building is a private I-MAX theater. Yes, the same theater you pay top dollar for in the best movie houses around the world is just another amenity for those who live here. 

Did you ever want to live in a resort? At NEMA Chicago the 10000 square-foot resort terrace will make you wonder why you ever spent money on vacation.

Amenities don’t just have to be for the residents! Some amenities, like the “LEED-certified and environmentally-friendly” construction at 98 Front in DUMBO Brooklyn, are good for the environment and your conscious.

Speaking of the environment, your personal environment is important for well-being. So a landscaped roof like the one at CORTE in Long Island City affords greenspace and spectacular views of Manhattan. You’ll surely feel better after heading up there. 

If water is your design element of choice, the ARO has an amenity that’s actually over the top—over the top of Manhattan that is. Towering above Midtown West in NYC swimming in the ARO’s rooftop pool affords views of the sparkling city, Central Park, the Hudson River, and beyond. 

Also in New York right along Central Park, which you can see from the rooftop of ARO, on storied 5th Avenue is a tranquil condo building 985 5th Avenue where the perk is privacy and service. White-gloved doormen and attendants? What old-school glamor! 

That New York charm abounds on the Upper West Side. And newly built 200 Amsterdam is just the place to take it all in. Or take in skyward views from the conservatory. And you can’t get more Manhattan that The Belnord’s private club for residents with 30000 square feet of indoor and outdoor spaces. 

Yes, these amenities might seem like wish-list items, but they’re attainable if you only know where to look. 

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