The Best Apartments on the Upper East Side

Unreliable brokers, sketchy websites, and that friend who knows of an opening in their apartment building that always seems to fall through. Renting in New York City can be fraught with stress and take up a lot of your time. Even then, you’re still not guaranteed to have your dream home in the neighborhood you want. That’s especially true on the Upper East Side, where trying to find a no-fee rental can seem like a fool’s errand.

Luckily there are places, like Urbana Properties, that make looking for a luxury rental in Manhattan’s most coveted locales a whole lot easier than the typical NYC experience. From Central Park South all the way up Fifth Avenue, Urbana Properties’ inventory is vast and sure to suit anyone’s need as long as one of those needs is living in one of the most elegant neighborhoods in the world: the Upper East Side.

The UES is the ultimate home for anyone with sophisticated tastes, a love of the good life, and an appetite for world-class culture and delicious food.

Wake up on the Upper East Side and take a stroll through Central Park, have lunch at a Parisian-style bistro, visit a museum in the afternoon, and relax in your apartment until it’s time to go out for dinner.

Twenty-six stories above 5th Avenue at 985 5thAvenue is a no-fee home you from where you can easily experience the joys of Uptown living.

Having a doorman in luxury buildings is standard, but 985 5th Avenue really goes over the top and provides not only a doorman but an elevator attendant too. Meaning you don’t even have to press a button to get to your home.

Whether you have a 2-bedroom or 4-bedroom apartment, once you’re off the elevator and in the apartment itself, you’ll see detailed architecture like stunning bathrooms with marble baths and modern, sleek gourmet kitchens, and conveniences like a dishwasher and the oh-so-coveted washer and dryer.

But the real showstopper at 985 5th Avenue has got to be the view. One of every New Yorker’s dreams is to have an apartment overlooking Central Park, and this apartment has one of the most spectacular views of the Park and the Metropolitan Museum of Art anywhere on 5th Avenue. Pro tip: If you can, catch a sunset from one of the apartments’ expansive terraces.

South along 5th Avenue is another of Urbana Properties’ exquisite residential buildings with units available to rent. There’s an easy elegance to 800 5th Avenue that’s palpable when you walk through its pristine marble lobby that evokes the glamor of the Gilded Age while maintaining one foot firmly in the present. Again the views of Central Park from these apartments are what you have come to expect from Urbana Properties. But there’s also an aspect to this building that’s rarely seen anywhere else: the elevated quality and commitment to service. From the doorman to elevator attendant to hallway attendant — yes, hallway attendant—your each and every need will be met quickly and in style.

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