Is Antivirus A Waste Of Money?


is antivirus a waste of money

If you don’t know someone with a personal story, phone hacking may still seem like a thing of fiction causing you to wonder whether or not to even consider an antivirus. Unfortunately, phone hacking is on the rise, which means that even the newest Android needs a bit of extra protection. If you think that an antivirus is a waste of money, here are a few ways of how it’s not and how to save money with downloading free antivirus for your Android phone.

Current Dangers: Unsecured networks and unwanted malware apps are some of the most common current dangers to your phone. Unsecured networks do not protect your data and are easy to hack- which means that any private transaction can be made public. Unfortunately, most public Wi-Fi is unsecured and can leave your personal information in danger. Malware apps, on the other hand, are a bit more hands on. Once a malware app is downloaded into your Android, the virus can steal your information and even help a hi-jack your mobile device. What’s worse is that these apps often piggy back on useful apps that you want or need so you get two apps instead of one.

How an Antivirus can Help: A droid antivirus can help encrypt your data to protect your phone from unsecured networks. A good app for antivirus will also run consistent background scans to help ensure that your phone is not being threatened. If there is a problem, you will immediately be notified so that you can take steps to remove the malware.

Getting a Free Antivirus: A good antivirus does not have to be expensive. In fact, you can download a variety of great apps for your Android through Google Play free of charge. Not all free apps are made equal. Before you commit, make sure that the app you download has good reviews.

Protecting your phone is definitely not a waste of money. When you consider the potential losses of having your finances hacked and your credit ruined, the minor inconvenience of downloading an app seems to pale in comparison.

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